Thursday, October 22, 2015


Today us Throwback Thursday.

I have no information on this photo except for a few words on the back.

This is Dave's  Father's  Grandmother.

Unfortunately, there is no date or name.

As close as I can figure it must be the middle 1800's.

I think she is so lovely and has wonderful character lines in her face.

I'm posting this to try and add to the history of our family.


Kathleen's Blog said...

wow---beautiful--They worked so hard and had none of the aides and luxuries we have today to help "keep up our appearances"

Wanda said...

Oh how I would love to hear her stories....don't you know she lived History that we can only read about. I love her face, I love the rugged woman who probably had 14 kids, chopped the wood, built the fire, make all the clothes, cooked all the food, and still had time to read her Bible and pray. We have it so easy.....Thanks for sharing this special woman.

Shammickite said...

That's a hard working face! So many. trials in their lives back then. She's lovely

Marie Pretty Smith said...

Her beautiful face tells a story in itself. You are lucky to have such an old picture.

I love your blog.