Saturday, September 19, 2015


Today was a Day With the Deputy in our community.

It was hosted by our Church and had plenty of great activities.

South Placer Sheriff Department and Fire Department plus

California Highway Patrol brought all kinds of equipment.

The kids loved being able to get on rigs and talking to many men and women of Law Enforcement.

I especially liked this old time firetruck.

They really had this rig all shined up and ready to go.

The Sheriff's helicopter is ready for so many things,

From search and rescue to capturing the "Bad Guy".

One of the fearless Deputies showing how it's all done.

We ended our day with a yummy lunch from Chick-fil-A.

Don't forget to enlarge the photos to see the detail.

More photos to come for ABC Wednesday.


Sandra said...

what a super duper idea. i would love to have met them all and see this beautiful old truck.

Rajesh said...

I liked that firetruck very much.

Hilary said...

It sounds and looks like a fun day.. well captured, Sue.

Thanks so much for your very kind words on my recent post. They're so appreciated. Hugs to you.

KC Bob said...

Love the pics. Have never seen a Chik-fil-a food truck.

Wanda said...

Is there ever a day that your wonderful Church isn't doing something??? Loved the pictures. Yum for lunch.

Shammickite said...

That would be fun, to meet the Sherriff and the emergency first responder people. Wish I could have been there too.