Friday, September 11, 2015


This is a portrait of one of the many heroes of that fateful day.

Louie Cacchioli, Firefighter, Engine 47, FDNY

Louis Cacchioli is a friend of ours.  We worked with him in NYC during Trade Shows.

Louis rescued many from Tower No. 1.

We didn't know if he was alive or dead until I read a blurb in a tribute

about 9/11 in People Magazine.

Thankfully he made it.

Here are his words about that horrible day.

" I stepped outside after bringing about 40 to 50 people down a stairway.

I looked around.  It was crazy.

Someone yelled, ' Look out!  The tower's coming down!'

I started running.

I tossed my air mask away to make myself lighter.

Next thing I know, there's a big black ball of smoke.

I threw myself on my knees, and I'm crying.

I said to myself, 'Oh, my God, I'm going to die.'

I was crawling.


the biggest miracle thing in the world.

My hands came unto an air mask.

It still had air.

Another 15 seconds,

I wouldn't have made it."

Louie retired soon afterwards.

His lungs and eyesight were so compromised

from all of the awful stuff in the air.

This still gets to me even after 14 years.

We will Never Forget!!


Sandra said...

none of us will ever forget and thank you to this wonderful man. this is a great tribute to him and all the others

Shammickite said...

I wonder how his health is these days. So many of those first responders and the people who escaped the disaster have developed crippling disabilities. What a terrible thing to happen. This world is really screwed up. Let's pray that causing anything like this never enters anyone's twisted mind again.

Merisi said...

Such a horrific day for so many!
Some funerals at the church down the street from our house were held months later. I had never imagined so many people in the neighborhood had fathers, mothers, sisters, children, siblings, working in the towers.