Friday, July 31, 2015


When our son and grandkids were visiting we spent the day

In San Francisco walking and window shopping in Chinatown.

First we made our traditional trek to Freddie's Sandwich Shop.

The yummy sandwiches tasted so good out in the sunshine...

people watching at Pier 39.

Then it was on to Chinatown, along with about a gazillion other people.

I loved the various views up and down the narrow streets.

Coit Tower between the Chinatown apartment buildings.

The Transamerica Pyramid building poking it's nose up behind the old buildings of Chinatown.

A colorful dragon parade with so much noise.

The brilliant pink dragon which was right up in our faces.

So much to look at in every direction.

Great Family Memories.


Shammickite said...

One of these days I intend to visit San Francisco.... haven't made it yet, but one day! Chinatown looks like fun. There's a sizeable Chinatown here in downtown Toronto too, but it gets smaller as many Chinese move to the suburbs.

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