Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This post is combining WHAT I am doing this WEEK and


It is time for our annual Breakaway.

It's a children's program on steroids.

In the early morning before 1200 kids WANDER onto our church campus.

The theme is Mission Possible WITH all the spies and Minor and Major Mayhem, WHO 

are the key "bad guys".

All the props set the stage for a busy New York City and the "bad guys" WHO WANT

to make a mess of BREAKAWAY.

Of course there is a Biblical emphasis put on the entire week.

I love the site seeing bus at the entrance.

I'm so grateful for Security WATCHING over all of us.

It is such a secure campus.

No one gets in that doesn't belong.

All the rallies are held in Breakaway Headquarters.

I hope to get some more photos to show activities going on.

I believe this WEEK is just

WAY Cool!!


Wanda said...

Bayside knows how to put on a mega theme for the kids. Love that your and Dave have been participating for so many years. Such Servant Hearts. Glad you are slowing down this year. You deserve it. Love the pictures.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Wow! That's a very elaborate setting for VBS. I'm sure the children will be engaged and very much blessed by the experience.

Gerald (SK14) said...

1200 kids! - mass bedlam I would think.

Sandra said...

those little buildings are amazing, they are works of art, makes me want to wander through and just snap myself silly...

Roger Owen Green said...

cool for school!


Anonymous said...

How they dressed up the buildings is very cool:)

Ann said...

That's what our church calls it too--"Breakaway". Hope they have a fantastic time.