Friday, June 26, 2015


I have been so busy this week.

There hasn't been time to collect my thoughts.

So I'm posting another series of ANGLES and LINES.

Of course enlarging the photos will show more detail.

I love the late afternoon shadows across the rugged fence.

Now this is one way to grow and display your plants.

I love the sun flares on the railings and all the X's on the bridge.


Kate said...

The top fence looks like it needs some help from Tom Sawyer!

Sandra said...

since i am addicted to photography i always enlarge photos, these three are so beautiful and I love that first fence. what a great way to recycle used wood and make a beautiful fence... will show this to bob, he will love it to... i would never have thought of the plants on the wall like that. beautiful

Wanda said...

My dear are so amazing with this kind of photography. Very professional...but then you are.

Hear it's been a little hot in your neck of the woods. Loving the cool breeze at the Tree House today.

LC said...

These images are intriguing. Well done!

Gilly's Camera said...

ah. Now that top one is exquisite....