Monday, March 02, 2015


At last,

We got a splash of rain.

More importantly, the mountains got snow.

The snow will definitely help the run off for our reservoirs this summer.

The drought is in no way over


Every little bit helps.

Enlarge this picture to see the flowering plum and the budding tree in the foreground.

The clouds were just amazing this past weekend.

They billowed and bunched their way across the sky.

I totally missed the sunset but people said it was one of the best in a very long time.

Have a great week everybody.


Sandra said...

the photos are magnificent. i counted about 8 different types of trees and I LOVE TREES and I also love blue skies with white white clouds... so happy for the snow, hope it helps your drought a little.. and blue skies make me happy and i know it did you to

Ginny said...

Your last picture is beautiful! I wish I could give you some of our wetness. Every day it is either sleet, ice, snow, or frozen rain.

mrsnesbitt said...

very blue sky - very cold or very warm indication.

Linda said...

Lovely photos!

Beverly said...

Beautiful shots. I love photos of clouds. I'm so glad these have brought some moisture to your area.