Monday, January 19, 2015


Several weeks ago I posted about my sweet neighbor giving me Korean pears.

Surprisingly they had little flavor but were so juicy.

To me they seem to have the texture of an apple or a hard pear.

I think I will use one in a kuchen with lots of sugar and cinnamon.

That should jazz it up nicely.

As you can see there is very little core or seeds to cut out.

The skin is a bit rough so they are better peeled.

Don't forget to enlarge the photo to see the detail.


Sandra said...

I did enlarge the photo and they do look foreign, like an odd apple or something. i am thinking the sugar and cinnamon will be great. mother used to make pears like that, the hard cooking pears that are not edible raw.. they made great pear crisp and pear preserves.

Merisi said...

Beautifully captured, Sue!

I'd try to make Clafouti:

I would first cook the Korean pears in a bit of white wine, spiced with vanilla and star anis, just until they are a little softer.

Rebecca said...

Did you arrange the pears to look like a face? THat's what I see when I look at the picture!

Ginny said...

Asian pears taste the best to us, they are wonderful. I have never tried one of these. But your idea is so good!!

Nora said...

I have not tried these, but cooking pears is a good idea!

Wanda said...

I think you have come up with an excellent way to use them. When we were there I thought they are so pretty to just look at too. Put on the coffee...would love to be sharing it with you,