Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It's almost time to celebrate our  51st  Wedding Anniversary.

I think we will try to include Lake Tahoe in the festivities.

Walking in these beautiful woods is always a wonderful thing to do.

I do wish there would be snow but our drought isn't cooperating with the snow pack at all.

Fifty One Years....

I can't quite comprehend that!

Why it's a whole lifetime ago.

I'll share more when the anniversary is actually here.

As always enlarging the photo will show the detail better.


Wanda said...

Congratulations on the big "51". Every year is a bonus and a time to celebrate marriage.

Some sad news, the owners of the cabin in Tahoe just lost their son in law to cancer this week. He leaves his wife, and 4 children. Life is hard, but God is Good and will be with them. Please pray for the Fuller Family.

Wanda said...

PS He was 43.

Sandra said...

I love that beach with all those wonderful trees.. 51 is wonderful and so is thinking about Lake Tahoe..

Hilary said...

What a beautiful place to celebrate. Enjoy!

Ginny said...

Oh my gosh, that is a very long time. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I hope you have a totally awesome day! I hope Phil and I are still toddling around when we get to 51. That will be in five years.