Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Ever hear of  Bobbing For Pumpkins ??

That's what this vat of pumpkins made me think about.

No bobbing....just cleaning them before they were set out for sale.

Don't forget to enlarge the photos to really see the detail.

They had their bath and now are all nice and shiny.

I love the various types of squash thrown into the mix.

Some clever Jack-O- Lanterns could be made from them.

I really like the assortment of colors and designs on each squash.

The stems of these squash were black and so different from the pumpkins.

I could see them in a beautiful Fall display.

They were a bit pricey but I may go back and pick up a few...just because.....

Have a great rest of the week everyone.


Sandra said...

when i clicked on that first shot, i just sat and stared. for some odd reason, that photo makes me feel happy and like smiling... i love it and the other pumpkins are all so detailed and really pretty... looks to me like your camera is still working well...

LC said...

The first shot really hit me with a dose of Halloween. It looked so eerie. Enlarged it was intriguing but the feeling was definitely fall but not Halloween so much. You caught a wonderful collection of pumpkins and squash. i love the way they herald fall with rich colors and patterns

Grandma C said...

I love the first shot of the pumpkins taking a bath, you can even see the clouds from above in the reflection. Harvest season is so beautiful!

Ginny said...

So were you at a pumpkin patch? I love all the colors and the different ones, especially the yellows and the ones with white stripes.

Hilary said...

Fun photo, that first one. And lovely patterns and colours on these beauties. Imagine how big ones mouth would have to be to bob for pumpkins. :)