Thursday, March 27, 2014


Yesterday we had a little bit of everything in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Some good heavy down pours.

Beautiful rainbows.

Sun and rain at the same time.

Thunder and lightening.

A tornado watch

And a touchdown that severely damaged a roof, blew out windows and toppled trees.

Now those of you in the Midwest probably think this is no big deal.

Here in Northern California it is really a rare thing.

It has been snowing in the Foothills and The Sierras for which we are so grateful.

We're not over the drought by any means but every little bit helps.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Ann said...

You are getting a little bit of everything for sure. That rainbow is one of the most vivid I've seen. We had a tornado watch here today too in the outskirts of town.

Ginny said...

I hope the tornado was not close to you? They are really scary, and the only thing wrong with spring. I love your brilliant rainbow!! And especially the way it ends at the stop sign...

Wanda said...

Sue, you caught some great pictures. We were teased with black clouds and wind...but NO rain. Today sunshine. I like the sun, but we truly need the rain.

Sandra said...

that rainbow is AMAZING... and i love everything in the photo. those lamp posts and the building, the composition is beautiful.. glad you are getting needed water, and that you are safe after the crazy day of weather.