Monday, March 31, 2014


Welcome to ABC Wednesday.

I'm posting two LETTERS today.

The LETTERS are " L " and " M ".

It is time for my annual trip to MEXICO.

As you can see from the first photo it's a LONG trip and sometimes a boring


We have to LEAVE while it is still dark and there are only scattered LIGHTS to
entertain us.

Here is one of the reasons I go every year.

Kids and adults that are willing to LIVE without MANY of the creature comforts.

This year there will be 1,200 high school and adults going!

We all LIVE and sleep in those MASH type tents you see in this photo.


11 homes are going to be built,

kids LEARNING  about the LORD,

LOTS of fun and yes...LOTS of food to be prepared.

So, this week I have to get MY  LAUNDRY done,

The bills paid,

MEALS for MY staying behind Hubby,

So grateful he will hold down the fort while I am gone.

I definitely need a few MORE hours in MY days.

Here's MY crazy Kitchen Food Team.

LOOK'S  LIKE we are raring to go and are happy to feed the hungry MASSES.

I will give you all the statistics about feeding that MANY hungry MOUTHS when

I return from MEXICO.

Until then



Kate said...

Looks like your trip will be perfect for the next letter!! !Viva la México!

Sandra said...

see you when you get back and yowsa on 1200 students...that is a lot of houses to.. God bless all of you and keep you safe. that laundry shot is magnificent. i sat and stared and stared. love it

Ginny said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I remember this from years pat.

Wanda said...

Sue, you are such a trooper and a servant. I just get inspired by hearing from your church does, and the people they reach, and the kids who get the hands on mission experience.

You are such an example to these you tons, stay safe, don't work toooooo hard.

Susan Moore said...

Enjoy your trip to Mexico!! Looking forward to your trip reports. Viajes seguros!

Reader Wil said...

This is a great and happy event! It is the best way to serve the Lord.
Have a wonderful time!
Wil, ABCW Team

Photo Cache said...

that looks like a great program. enjoy mexico. will you be near the beach?

frankly my dear

Carver said...

Fantastic shots and post. I hope your trip is a wonderful one. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Hildred said...

A wonderful adventure - I am impressed with what you do - blessings!

Roger Owen Green said...

What a LOT of people!

Hilary said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip, dear Sue.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

what a great thing u are doing. How many sleeps in a Marsh tnt?

Gattina said...

Nice pictures !
ABC team

Snapperoni :: Photography said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Have a safe and nice trip.XD It's been years since I've last gone camping and all, I really do miss it!

Powell River Books said...

We used to go to Mexico quite a bit living in Southern California, but now we've moved north and haven't been in years. - Margy

Marcy said...

Adiós y buen viaje!!

L is for...

Joy said...

Love that lighted bridge. With that happy kitchen team you are bound to have fun even while working hard. Godspeed Mexico.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Safe and productive trip.

Trubes said...

What a fantastic opportunity to spread the word of the LORD, it looks great fun.
I used to go on religious retreats as a youngster and we had a fine old time,
We stayed in a big old building which was a girls boarding school
During their summer vacation we and youngsters from all over country stayed.
It was set in one of the most beautiful counties in England called The Lake District.
The leaders were wonderful people who gave up their time to give youngster a great holiday,
I hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to the pictures etc.
best wishes,

Stacey Dawn said...

Wow - what an opportunity! Praying for a fabulous and blessed time.

AmitAag said...

great post!

KC Bob said...

Brings back memories Sue. That first pic looks like the desert I worked in while I was stationed in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

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