Monday, January 06, 2014


 We have arrived at the final letter of our alphabet.

My computer has gone totally bonkers, so I don't know if I can even post the letter "Z".

The first photo is from a wonderful restaurant in our City.

ZOCALO'S is full of ZING and ZESTY flavors.

Chef Ryan Rose serves up a tasty menu of everything authentically Mexican.

The mariachi band from ZOCALO played wonderful music at our International Food Fair.

This happened at our church during the summer.

I found the same name at a Disneyland restaurant.

This food is pretty good but not as wonderful as Chef Rose prepares.

The shadow figure reminds me of the legendary figure "ZORRO".

Thanks for all the comments in series 13 of ABC Wednesday.

Roger and Denise and the entire team have outdone themselves.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Sandra said...

i loved zorro and the books about him to... you always find something for these odd letters... oh no on the computer woes.. hope it is something easy o fix

Life with Kaishon said...

You always come up with something good no matter what the letter.

Can't wait to see your take on FRESH for the Creativity Project this week on Friday.

Sending lots of love.

Marcy said...

Yes, I see Zorro too!

Carver said...

Great shots and collection of Z words. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Leovi said...

Rica Mexican food!

Roger Owen Green said...

I like it! And am glad you were able to post and share!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

LOVE Mexican food and I bet you go to Zocolas often!

abcw team

Rajesh said...

Very interesting post with lot of new words.

Indrani said...

How well you have made the 'Z' post interesting! Great post!

Joy said...

A great Z capture. I love mariachi bands but they are rarely seen this side of the pond.

Reader Wil said...

As always a very lovely post and even the letter Z. didn't bother you! Thanks for the comment.

Ann said...

Great Z words today as always. The restaurant sign is really neat looking. Zorro was always fun to watch.