Wednesday, October 02, 2013


We had such an outstanding time at Lake Tahoe with our wonderful
blogging friends, Wanda and Don.

The Fall colors haven't quite started but still, anytime in the
mountains is okay with me.

There is absolutely nothing like the mountain sky.

Shades of colbalt and azure are breath taking.

Windy days have blown a lot of leaves from the trees before they
had a chance to turn.

A walk at Taylor Creek showed us a few Kokanee Salmon
spawning and just the beginning of leaf color.

I guess the beaver are getting ready for winter.

We saw many trees about to dam the creek.

Lake Tahoe is beautiful.... but oh so cold.

I think I will stay on the beach.

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Sandra said...

Love that mountain sky pic with those beautiful trees and the view from the end of the dock is awesome..Ilove creeks with rocks and that one has a LOT of rocks.
glad you liked our how we met story.. i wrote that for 27 years and now we are only 3 months from 29 years, time is on fast forward. i wrote the story down because we may forget it. LOL

Beth L said...

Your dock picture make me want to walk to the end of it and dangle my feet in the lake water - even if it is cold.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

It appears the beaver got tired gnawing away and came back with his chainsaw. That last shot of the dock is wonderful; well done.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

You're not a "wannabe," you ARE a good photographer! Thanks for commenting at my blog, which brought me here.

The striking contrasts in color - the sky, that fence - made these photos stand out. What a lovely time you all must have had. Amy

Anita said...

Which of the two lovely faces in the middle is yours? :)

Oh, how I wish to had time to hike and see such beautiful nature. Eventually.

Do you frame any of your photos?

Anita said...

Seeing the link name of your blog gives me the answer, I believe. :)