Friday, July 19, 2013


I have shown two other photos very similar to this one in previous

I thought this one was perfect for Sky Watch Friday.

The sky was the vivid blue one can only see in the mountains.

The best part is the lonely single cloud over on the left hand side
of the picture.

Happy weekend.
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Carmi Levy said...

That shade of blue is unreal - so rich and resonant. I love the single, small cloud way over by the edge. I imagine it having a meek personality, and it's a little afraid to even be in the frame.

So glad I popped in today. It's heat waving outside, so our sky is waaaaay less blue than this. I can't wait for the color to reappear. Until then, there's this!

Sandra said...

picture postcard it time for the letter P???

Ginny said...

Beautiful! And I SEE the tiny cloud!

Merisi said...

Such beautiful view, so peaceful!

Happy Skywatch and a wonderful weekend to you and yours,

Kate said...

It's a lovely and serene scene.

Kansas Bob said...

Makes me want to head out to the lake!

LC said...

This is a photo that one definitely needs to click to enlarge for its full impact. The rich and vibrant hues jump out at me so much that I can feel the caress of a breeze and the fresh scent of the natural world.