Saturday, June 15, 2013


This is a photo of my Mom and Dad on their  wedding day.
Oct. 9, 1933.

Dad's been gone for 27 years but it still seems like yesterday.

He was a great Dad, full of patience, creativity and love
for his family and the Lord.

He taught me to ride my bicycle, eat all types of food
and to laugh at myself.

Believe it or not, he even let me play Beauty Parlor
with his hair while Mom was at choir practice!

Thanks Dad for always being there for me.

Love you and miss you.

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Ginny said...

What wonderful memories, and a great photo to cherish.

Sandra said...

beautiful photo, i do like seeing old memories come to life again.. photos are the pilot light of memory...

richies said...

Great tribute!
An Arkies Musings

Life with Kaishon said...

He sounds like a wonderful Daddy! I am glad God gave him to you!

Dave said...

Hi Sue. I just came across recent comments you left on my blog. As I am no longer blogging I never saw them.Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I agree with this blog of yours about Dads - Dave