Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's a warm Indian Summer Day today.
The sun is shinning.
My shopping is done.
The laundry is finished.
Cookies baking in the oven.
All is right with the world.....
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LC said...

And all right with your photography too! Sumptuous colors.

Dave said...

This is a nice colourful autumn photo Sue. The grapes look delicious... - Dave

Sandra said...

this is an awesome and breathtaking shot of the grapes, i enlarged it to see the details and wow!

Anonymous said...

I like this photograph. I had to click on it and look at the enlarged version to tell if it had been worked over in Photoshop. Nope. Doesn't appear to have been touched. And that makes this an even more incredible photo.

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Kansas Bob said...

Grapes and the weekend! Hard to beat that Sue! Hope you are having a great one!