Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today is our younger son's birthday.
39 years ago this wonderful, tenderhearted person came into our
He is a great Father, Husband and Friend to many.
I'm so proud of him.
He's a RN in the Emergency Department and cares deeply for each
patient that comes through the Hospital doors.
Happy Birthday Mark.
We love you bunches.
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Sandra said...

handsome son and that is a wonderful job to have, i worked in ER admitting for a year in Savannah and the nurses do a great service. Happy Birthday.

LeenaH said...

Congratulations to your son Sue and you too!
It`s great to see our own children doing well in their life, it brings happiness to our life too.
My birthday was on Tuesday of this week :) I have lived some years more than your son, our son is 47 years old.
I wish you and yours very happy weekend!

imac said...

Great work, Happy Birthday.