Monday, October 01, 2012


Today's LETTER is " L ".
I think you will find a LITTLE bit of this and a LITTLE bit of that.

This first photo is called The LINE Up.

Today my Hubby and I volunteered at a fundraiser for our church.
It was a golf tournament that had the players LINED up in rows
with their golf carts to go out and play with LOTS of enthusiasm.

I LOVE the colorful old LICENSE plates I saw on display.

Someone had made these LARGE  LADYBUGS out of metal.
They wanted LOTS of money for them.
The artist wasn't happy when I took this picture.
He wanted me to LEAVE.  
I did!
He definitely didn't get any of my LOOT....

LAST, but not LEAST is a photo of assorted shades
of rusts and yellows.
I LIKE the shadow falling across the LICHEN.
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Wanda said...

Well, I like your picture of the large lady bugs, and really glad you didn't leave him any loot!!

I did a little cheating on my this week...blame it on my trip!!!

Also, you might like my story on my Got a Minute or Two blog.

Merisi said...

Another winning line-up, Sue!
Thank you for this fresh collection and the smiles it puts in my heart,

Rajesh said...

Wonderful choices with fitting images.

Mar said...

Love your choices!!

ABC Wednesday

Karen Schmautz said...

Hahaha...I had to laugh at the lady bug comment. You are a little bit of a wild woman, aren't you?

Leslie: said...

LOVED all the L words. The lady bug vendor isn't going to get any business by shooing people away. You just might have shown others the photo and they might have gone to buy some!

abcw team

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Great post and photography for L ~ love the striations ~ lines in the bark ~ ( A Creative Harbor)

thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

Kate said...

I particularly like the LICENSE plates; that's quite a collection! Kate, ABC Team

Anonymous said...

lichen so that's what they're called. you have lots of good ls here.

EG CameraGirl said...

Loved these L words! Some artisans really resent anyone taking photos of their products. I guess they are afraid of copycats.

Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE old LICENSE plates too!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Reader Wil said...

Lovely series of L words! I love the lichen photo. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Wednesday!

Joy said...

Lichens are endlessly fascinating. Its a fine collection of licence plates.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Lively post...enjoyed your activities♫

Bob Edwards said...

I wonder how many guys would be golfing if those carts did not exist?

Sandra said...

i am smiling, my first thought when i saw the first photo was Gentleman Start your engines... and the lady bugs are adorable.

Carver said...

I like your little bit of this and that post. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Hazel said...

Lined up with lots of enthusiasm - lovely! the ladybugs too.

Paula Scott said...

Holy Mackerel! Look at all those golf carts! After recovering from that image, those ladybugs are an awful lot of fun!

Meena said...

The last pic is my fav!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Lovely photos and a clever use of words.

Dave said...

Those golf carts look great Sue, and I like the colourful number plates and ladybugs - Dave

Ann said...

I like to make license plate art--such a fun project but they can be pricy. Your lines of carts made me smile, my hubby talks about being in boot camp and all he did was stand in a line. Thanks for your sweet comment.

LC said...

All your L's gave me a hoot,
Especially the lady bugs that earned none of your loot.

ChrisJ said...

I so want a golf cart -- and an estate to go with it of course! Lots of lovely 'L's.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those lady bugs are gorgeous!

Catching up with ABC. Got busy the past couple of days and just now have the time to visit entries.

Leaping Chipmunk
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

LeenaH said...

Joyful post :)
And your Christmas cactus then - you perhaps take care too well - it needs now and then getting dry and a little bit suffering, after that it will be blooming - perhaps :)
My cactus have now about 60 flowers and it was flowering also in April, it is very old one.
Good coming weekend to you Sue!