Friday, August 17, 2012


I thought I would post a few pictures from last Summer.
I'm getting wistful to visit this place again.

Of course these were taken at my favorite spot, Lake Tahoe, CA.

I love the splash of color among the greens and browns.

An old piece of farming equipment highlights the
blade of the grass.
As always enlarging the photo will show more detail.

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James Wei said...

The feeling of prosper is evident in your images. The lush green is so vivid. It feels so vibrant to look at these photos.

jel said...

VERy Cool,

hope ya hve a great weekend!

Hilary said...

How lovely the wild flowers are in late summer. I'll hate to see the season end but such is how the world goes around. Fine photos as always, Sue. :)

LC said...

The details of the first three give a wonderful sense of the larger scene and foreground detail. And the last has that dramatic color.

imac said...

Nice to see B/W within a colourful post.

Sandra said...

thanks for welcoming back, i love the last two shots, the flowers are NOT what i think when i think of Tahoe, they are so beautiful. I would think Lake and SNOW... love the red photo, my kind of Snapper shot.

Emille said...

Hopefully, Sept. will still be a good summer month!Your photos tell the story of summer!