Monday, June 25, 2012


Today's ABC Wednesday post has many words with the sound of X.

I have had such an eXciting week last week and now this one.
Two thousand kids and volunteers have been eXperiencing a most
eXtraordinary week at our Church Vacation Bible School camp
called Breakaway to the Big City.
It's like Vacation Bible School on steroids.
Did you ever see so many eXuberant kiddos singing and dancing

Recreation time is quite an eXtravaganza of fun eXperiences.
Giant slip and slides....

More dancing and singing, which is fun and eXpends LOTS of
energy each day.
Its like a ready made eXercise class.
I have to admit that I'm glad it's the young ones doing it.
I just watch their eXcellent moves.

This year an eXhilarating new activity was added to recreation.
Go carts and a huge track were built on our field.
Each child was given 1 ticket to ride at their specific time during the week.
The kids waited eXpectantly for their turn.
There is lots of supervision so there is great fun on each eXcursion.

The young interns for our Leadership program did what seemed
like an eXtemporaneous Flash-mob dance down the Breakaway aisle.

This is just an eXample of all of the fun being had at Breakaway.
I am thrilled to be a part of this eXperience.
Serving snacks to the 4 and 5 year olds is just as much fun for me.
It makes me wish I was younger sometimes.
All of the photos posted were done by one of our fantastic church
photographers, Darren.
Don't forget to enlarge each picture to see the detail more clearly.

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Beverly said...

You eXceed my eXpectations.

Ginny said...

He IS a fantastic photographer!! The first two look like something in a magazine. This is like VBS times a hundred!!!

Wanda said...

Oh Sue...this is eXtraordinary!! Just wondeful...You and Dave are my heroes...working that size of a VBS takes so work, sweat and dedication.

Dave said...

It looked like a great time for all Sue. I liked your dancers too - Dave

Sandra said...

this is like vacation bible school on steroids. what fun.

Hilary said...

EXtra fine job. X has to be the most difficult letter to eXpress but not for you. Nicely done, Sue.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your church. So glad you are a part of something so wonderful! Sending love.

merisi in Vienna said...

EXtraordinary image of a lively event!
As always, you know how the capture the best of it.

merisi in Vienna said...

EXtraordinary image of a lively event!
As always, you know how the capture the best of it.

imac said...

Certainly has the X factor.

Jama said...

Flash mobs are so much fun and eXciting!

eJoops said...

Looks like fun!

X is for Xeroderma

Ms. Burrito said...

Love to join them.

X is for Xenophobia

chubskulit said...

My son would love to slide in there.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Mar said...

eXciting and eXcelent!! Love flash-mobs :)
X is for Xarel·lo

Meoww said...

Dancers- they caught my attention. Nice shots!

Roger Owen Green said...

Flash mob! Always wanted to do that! eXcellent array of eX.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Lisa said...

This. Looks. Amazing! I'm sure everyone is having a fantastic time. :-)

Leslie: said...

VBS's are getting set up all over as we speak. Kids LOVE it! Mine went every year until they were too old to attend!

abcw team

Joy said...

All that activity will certainly burn off eXcess energy, theirs or yours I'm not sure:-)

Andy David said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Fascinating post & photos! Thanks for sharing.

Xylophone Of Love

Meryl said...

What fun!!! I love flash mob dances!

José Ramón said...

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Sandra said...

awesome on the 300 decisions. we are addicted to pickers. bob found it last month and i just DVR all episodes, so we had a build up. once we worked our way through all of them we are addicted and waiting for more