Friday, January 27, 2012


I thought I would share some wonderful murals displayed
in our area.

The murals are in Old Roseville, California.

They commerate the First Transcontinental Railroad links
to Sacramento in 1863.

Enjoy your weekend.
I just can't believe its the end of January already.
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Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

There is a new meme on the block just for murals every monday. Your will lok very nice there. Check out

Wanda said...

Sue, isn't that just hard to believe...the end of January.

I love your murals...very lovely.

BTW ~ how's the knee coming along?

imac said...

These are great - love the trains.

Horsoon said...

These are wonderful paintings. Think it takes great efforts to maintain them in such pristine condition.

Sandra said...

I like murals on buildings and these are magnificent. we have a few here, i might have to go check them out. i always wonder at the talent of a painter who can make a painting that big and have it come out perfect.

LC said...


Ginny said...

These are lovely!

Hilary said...

Some beautiful artwork in your neck of the woods.

Dave said...

Lovely murals Sue. Thanks for showing them - Dave

Merisi said...

Love the witty button board in your previous post!

Yes, January passed through way too fast. Usually, around here, February moves like molasses. Let's see!

Debbie Smith said...

I used to visit Roseville alot back in the 80's, but I never saw these murals. Are they somewhat new?
Now that I live in Reno I will have to plan a little day trip and visit "Old Roseville"

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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