Friday, October 07, 2011


There is no rhyme or reason to my post this weekend.
I just thought I would post some pictures from my archives
that I like.
I hope you do too.

The architecture of Las Vegas is fascinating to me.
These crazy buildings are part of the Crystal Mall.
If you look carefully at the top of the last tower I think
you will see an alien ship landing.

The sky is always so different and beautiful.
I loved watching the rain come rolling in.
Don't forget to ENLARGE the photos to get the best effect.
Have a terrific weekend everyone.
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Sandra said...

hey, i did not know our blog was supposed to have rhyme or reason. LOL mine sure does not. I like that shiny glass building and the orange reflections but I really really like that scene at the bottom. when i enlarged it I could see buildings way off in the distance. it is truly beautiful.

LC said...

Did you doctor these with photoshop? The first and last look like paintings, beautiful paintings!

Beverly said...

I love skywatching. The last one is superb.

Dave said...

I agree with everyone else. these look like paintings. I specially like the storm photo Sue - Dave

Ginny said...

That sky is amazing, it looks like the lone prairie, and I love those buildings!

Mike said...

Look at that sky! Wow :)

Mimmu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mimmu said...

I did same thing today.
But my theme was Kiki and sunsets - easy to guess after the summer, welcome to see them.
Your photos are enjoyable without any rimes, Sue!
Relaxing, happy weekend to you !

( I just try to take away those mistakes, which I can realize :) That`s why I deleted my comment )

Ruth said...

All three unique scenes, and beautiful!

Hilary said...

Lovely shots, Sue. I especially like that last one. It's such a moody scene.

John Roberts said...

Whoa! Three for three on great photos on this post!