Monday, September 22, 2008


What an exciting weekend we have had. My husband and I were able to be team leads for the powerful music conference at our home church called the Thriving Musician Summit. Over 800 musicians and technical persons from both the front and back of the house were there to learn the how to's of their craft, as they become better church leaders.
The picture is of our main worship leader at our church. Lincoln Brewster used to be a guitarist with the mainstream rocker Steve Perry of Journey fame, and now is working at Bayside and doing many tours especially for our youth. He has a wonderful testimony to share.
Lincoln did a prerelease of his newest CD Today is the Day. The CD will be released to the public Tuesday Sept. 23. As a young college friend of mine said...This guys guitar rifts are shredding.....????I don't speak rock talk too well, but I know this means really good!!
Others appearing and giving in-depth workshops were Paul Baloche, Phil Wickham, Joel Auge' and Mia Fields from Hillsong. There were 40 more there as presenters.
It was an amazing time for all of us.
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Olivier said...

tu en as de la chance, cela devait être un superbe concert. J'ai été voir le site internet de Lincoln Brewster, on peut écouter des extraits, c'est vraiment bien.

you have the chance, this would be a superb concert. I went to see the website of Lincoln Brewster, you can listen to samples, it's really good.

ruth said...

Hahaha, as a mom of a supremely good guitarist, I can relate. :)

Sounds exciting, and I love the poster.

annulla said...

It sounds like an amazing experience. And yes, "shredding guitar riffs" are very good. :)

Blather From Brooklyn

Beverly said...

You have many great opportunities for service in your church, odn't you. That's great! We have a marvelous guitarist in our church too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit and comment. I am happy that you liked the sleepy head. LOL

I like your post today too and also liked the one the other day. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I used to listen to Journey all the time, and of course know of Lincoln Brewster's music. He sang at a conference I attended several years ago. LUCKY you :)!

Hilary said...

Like Ruth, I can relate for the same reason. My son's online nickname is Shredder. And yes, he plays a mean guitar! ;)

lavenderlady said...

It sounds like it was an awesome experience,.

Kate said...

Hi Sue! Cruising the blogs today while I have some early-morning time. Love the photo and the information. Sounds like you had a great time!