Monday, July 23, 2007


This is the last picture I will share from my trip to Haiti in August 2006.

I love this man's peaceful, happy face. As with the other pictures if you look closely at his eyes you will see they are very unhealthy. They lack so many basic vitamins that their health deteriorates. The medical system is poor and the peoples needs are not being met.
If you want to see more of my Haiti archives please go to Aug. 6th 2006 and Aug. 13, 2006.
To see more detail just click on the picture.
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Anonymous said...

You have created a kind of masterpiece in this photo. My opinion. It is very nice to see.

Thank you also for your frequent visits to my blog and 720pixels blog and my website. Thanks.

Olivier said...

il y a une tres belle chanson sur Haïti d'un chanteur français Bernard Lavilliers "Haïti Couleur"

"Elle disait que la vie est là
En couleurs, en couleurs
Si ténue que je n'entends pas
Battre son cœur, battre son cœur
Ma musique est profonde
Autant que la douleur
Tu comptes les secondes
Je peux compter les heures

Haïti couleurs, Haïti douleur
Haïti chaleur, Haïti douceur
Haïti couleurs, Haïti douleur
Haïti chaleur, Haïti douceur

Elle disait que la mort s'en va
En douceur, en douceur
Emportant l'amour et la joie
J'ai pas peur, j'ai pas peur
Si la mer est profonde
Elle l'est moins que mon cœur
Tu vois je n'ai pas d'ombre
Elle est peut-être ailleurs

Mwen te di w'lavi toujou la
Se koulé
Sé koulé
Pwoche zoèy-ou, tande sa
Li bat nan kè m'
Li bat nan kè m'
Mizik sila nan nann
Fon kou doulè manman m
Wapè konté segon
Mwen ka fè lavironn

Haïti couleurs, Haïti douleur
Haïti chaleur, Haïti douceur
Haïti couleurs, Haïti douleur
Haïti chaleur, Haïti douceur

Elle disait la veine est ouverte
Le sang court, le sang court
Il a l'odeur des nuits de fête
De l'amour, de l'amour
La grande sécheresse
Finira bien un jour
Quand la porte est ouverte
On entend les tambours

Haïti couleurs, Haïti douleur
Haïti chaleur, Haïti douceur
Haïti couleurs, Haïti douleur
Haïti chaleur, Haïti douceur "

there is a very beautiful song on Haiti of a French singer Bernard Lavilliers “Haiti color”

MedaM said...

Yes, the first thing that crossed my mind was “What a happy face”. Interesting, but I am very glad to see this man smiling.

Lilly said...

And despite all, he is still smiling!! And what a beautiful smile it is too.

Ash said...

Beautiful smile indeed!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Thanks for posting the Haiti pics, they are great, I havn't been to haiti but have been to Dominican Republic which is the eastern part of the same island.

Moi said...

Great collection, Sue....I think u should frame them ....they are truly art pieces.

JAM said...

A nice portrait nonetheless.

Our pastor goes to Haiti once a month. He helps out his friends Bobby and Sherri Burnette with the Love A Child organization.

The lack of basic things there, that we take for granted here, is stunning.

Still said...

A wonderful portrait!

Annie said...

Poverty takes its toll on health. But this man beams out a happiness that takes the breath away.

Chad Oneil said...

Another good image of the Haitians.

Thanks for your recent comment, I'm glad you enjoyed that image.

Steve said...

Great expression. A nice moment.

bluemountainmama said...

the people of a place fascinate me just as much as the landscape.i liked getting this glimpse into the people of haiti....their faces are very "telling". very nice shots....

Chris & Deb said...

This face is a remarkable contrast to the face from two days back. The eyes are more hopeful here and the smile is full of joy!
Great portrait Sue!

Beverly said...

I love this photo! I have missionary friends who arrived from Haiti this evening for a couple of days. We're having a get together with about 20 others from Haiti tomorrow. It will be a grand time. There are always stories to tell.

What part of haiti did you go to?

GiuCe said...

beautiful portrait!

Faye Pekas said...

Ohh wow.. Sue, I've missed some of these shots. These are powerful photos. They speak volumes about these people. VERY much worth repeating since most of us haven't seen them before.

Kekiinani said...

This is just such a wonderful shot. He makes you smile!!! :) :)

Mike said...

A classic portrait. One of those where you seem to catch the soul of the person. Very nice.

dr. filomena said...

Congrats, a wonderfully captured moment. To me, the photo says Don't Worry, Be Happy :-)

lv2scpbk said...

Amazing he can be so happy with so many problems.

Bill said...

It is amazing how much can be overcome with a good attitude.

Joan González said...

bonita expresión-............