Thursday, January 07, 2016


Here's a random photo for the new year.

I think it's time for another photo shoot.

It seems my inspiration has flown

just as the pigeons seem to be escaping across the sky.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


Sandra said...

just look out your door and take pics of the neighbors decorations.. ha ha ha... i was so flabbergasted this year, street after street there was nothing but expensive junk like the dinosaur. and all the streets we traveled there were 3 Nativity scenes. i liked it better when i was a child and we put the tree in the window and that was it. i think it is bad that so much is spent on all these decorations. i was in line behind a man that bought lights, and it was 99.00 for the few boxes he bought.

LC said...

Z and another year gone by! Blessings for 2016.

Andy said...

This is one photo that has to be viewed at full size to get the full benefit of it.

Shammickite said...

Bye bye birdie!!!

Marie Smith said...

You seem to find inspiration all around you. It will return. Meanwhile this photo at full size is great. Have a great weekend.

Wanda said...

I feel the same way when I sit at the computer, and not one new or interesting picture in my camera. Determine to get some photo shoots in some time soon. Love and Hugs dear friend.