Thursday, January 15, 2015


The year is 1934 or 1935.

This is my handsome Dad.

He was the owner of a Standard Gas Station in Wyzetta, Minnesota.

I think he looks pretty spiffy in his uniform.

One sure doesn't see that at gas stations any more.

He's been gone a long time and I was thinking about him a lot today.

When I looked at this photo again I was really shocked to see my facial

profile from my younger years.

Some of you may not recognize that strange thing on the wall.....

Times have changed and so has the phone system.

Thanks for going back in time with me.


Kate said...

The photo is a real treasure for you!!

Sandra said...

this brings back memories of windshields cleaned, gas pumped, oil checked and added if needed, air in tires. full service with gas at 50 cents or less in my times.. photos stir up memories even if they are not someone we know. i agree with Kate. a treasure for you. we had a phone that hung on the wall and we had to ring the operator and ask for the number.. no dial at all. and i do remember these phones. there was one in the office of my highschool and if i got sick i used it with my dime to call mother to come get me.

Ginny said...

What a wonderful picture! Yes, I remember those times. The workers would rush out and clean your windshield and check your oil for free. We got lots of glasses and dishes for free just for buying the gas. My, how times have changed.

Hilary said...

That's a wonderful photos, Sue. It puts me in mind of something that Norman Rockwell might paint... a slice of Americana from days gone by.

And from the photos I have seen of you, I can see you in your Dad's jawline and mouth.

Shammickite said...

I grew up with a telephone like that! Until my dad said it was too expensive to have a phone and had it taken out. Terrific picture of your dad, yes he does look spiffy!

Sandra said...

the Bratz are missing in action, nothing for 4 days now.. woo hoo. not sure where they are.