Monday, April 21, 2014

ABC WEDNESDAY LETTER " N " OOPS!!! This should be letter " O "

Today we are NEARING the half way point on ABC Wednesday,

This weeks letter is " N ".

As you can see from the first photo I am back from my annual trip to Mexicali, Mexico

with  1200  OF my closest friends.

OOPS, in looking back, I realize that this should be letter " O ".

Guess I will have to combine the two letters again.


The theme words are NO and OVERCOMERS.

This is the way the trip started.  Prayer and asking for journey mercies.

The best part of the long journey by car, starting with prayer.

Actually 190 vans made the trip and 9 box trucks.

 There were many NEGATIVES along the way but we are OVERCOMERS.

Vandals had broken into OUR compound and pulled as much copper tubing and wiring
as they could from various places.

It meant NO electricity OR generators in several vital places.

The generator ON  OUR refrigerator truck was damaged to the tune of $3000.00 in repairs.

We are so thankful for the people who stepped up to get things fixed so we could OPERATE
for the 10 days we were there.

Crossing the border was quite a "NO" adventure too.

They didn't want the food trucks crossing.
It was a constant " NO "

Two days of hard NEGOTIATIONS with the Border patrol got food and lumber across.

WE cheered for every car and lumber truck that finally arrived at BaseCamp.

The word "NO" is something we would NOT accept.

At last we could serve food to the hungry campers.

We even dressed in Hawaiian garb to set a party like setting.

The long dusty road with NO  NAME.

This shows OUR camp is OUT in the middle of NOWHERE.

At last Tent City was up and the real work could begin.

OVERCOMING the NEGATIVES and NOT taking NO for an answer, that was OUR

The NEW Caretakers home being built last week right in Base Camp.

Hopefully this will NEGATE all the vandalism.

God is good and NUMEROUS lessons were learned in the past 10 days.


Sandra said...

that first photo is AWESOME... i am thinking the photographer had to be in a bucket or up a tree or a tower to take it. so glad you made it through the border and blessed all the people you were aiding... sorry the vandals destroyed so much.

Wanda said...

Oh Sue, you've in my heart and thought as prayers as you shared the delays and difficulties. The enemy does not like doing God's work does he! But you are overcomers...Yeah.

Loved the pictures and glad you are back safe and sound.

Know now you jump right back into ministry with your Thrive.

So much is happening in our lives right now...but that is for another time on fb message. We will be leaving this weekend for my brother's memorial service and a few days with Jill.

Sending love and hugs

charley said...

I'm glad to see you are still posting your amazing photos! I used to stop by you blog quite often when I had a blog called "An Eagle's View". My family and I have moved to Alaska and I've been inspired to start blogging again :-) Feel free to stop by and visit at my new blog: "Photos From the Journey".

Ginny said...

Welcome back! You guys are amazing!

Indrani said...

Very well done with N and o. :)

Carver said...

Congratulations for overcoming all the difficulties for such a worthwhile project. Carver, ABCW-Team

ellen b said...

Very cool. So glad you were able to overcome so many obstacles and get er done!!

Leslie: said...

Outstanding post - just like your Tent City out standing in the desert! Glad you were able to overcome so many negatives. It must have been "f is for frustrating"!

abcw team

Marcy said...

What a trip! glad you think pOsitive!

O is for...

Jane Hards Photography said...

Overcoming obstacles for a great photo journey.

julie hauser said...

I love all the photos you took in Mexico, Suzy! You told me about the one of "The long dusty road with no name." Beautiful! It was a pleasure serving with you.

Roger Owen Green said...

One of the great moments in the Civil Rights history is when LBJ, referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1965, saying We SHALL Overcome!

Hilary said...

You are amazing, Sue. What wonderful, loving work you do. Too bad you had such difficulties to encounter but you all overcame them like champs. Welcome back.

Hildred said...

Good job of combing N and O - greatly admire what you are doing!

Joy said...

I'm glad you made it through all the difficulties. Love those tents.

Sandra said...

sorry to hear you have been ill since you got back.. hope you feel better soon

KC Bob said...

"Overcoming the NEGATIVES and NOT taking NO for an answer, that was our motto."

Love that Sue!