Monday, September 24, 2012


Welcome to ABC Wednesday.
The KEY to (K)omposing ABC Wednesday posts is sometimes
finding photos from my archives to fill the letter of the week.

Here is a KEY to the City, given to Walt Disney from the Mayor
of San Francisco.
This happened in the 1950's.

To my KNOWLEDGE I haven't used the word KITSCH before.
Here are some KOOKY examples of KITSCH.
I probably could have used the Jockular Jay last week too.

(K)razy Picasa and blogger....
I just lost the photo that was to go in here!!

Well, onward we will go.
This dog is a perfect example of KITSCH.
its got to be she,
is made completely of paper and goop.
Her eyes are pressure gauges.

Don't you just love her (K)ollar?
One can never have too many watches, can they?

Then when I (K)an't think of another K word
KOI  (K)omes to mind.
Last week I saw these beautiful (K)olorful  KOI at the High Hand

KINDLY remember to enlarge the photos to see all the detail.

KICK up your heels and (K)avort over to the ABC link on my
sidebar to see what others have posted for the letter " K ".

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Beverly said...

You are so klever. Love the dog.

Sandra said...

Klealy you are just as Klever as Bev says you are... I love that kindly dog with the fancy kollar...

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your imagination.
You are the best of the best.
Thank you for always making me smile!

Bob Edwards said...

Crazy eyes on that dog Sue! :)

Meryl said...

That is an awesome key and although I usually am not a fan of kitsch, I love the kooky kitsch you show us here!!! Have a great week.

ewok1993 said...

the ks you show are a bit kookie.

Carver said...

Grand assortment of K words as well as perfect photo illustrations for them. Carver ABC Wed. Team

Reader Wil said...

It's funny that you used in some words the k instead of C. In my language a lot of words are spelled with K, whereas in English the same words are written with C.
Kan -can
Koe- cow
Klok- clock
Great post as usual!

Emille said...

Great post! Am surprised that Walt Disney didn't "do" something with that key (or was San Francisco at that time not what is now in terms of business?)

Roger Owen Green said...

some really goofy kitsch. not usually a fan, but I like these

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

chubskulit said...

That's one beautiful key!

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Hazel said...

Kitsch - a new word to me. I thought the eyes were little clocks. Kois are delightful to watch. What a nice K post!

Mrs. Me said...

I loved your comment about "one can never have too many watches", I laughed. I recently went through my collection of watches, (I think it's up to about 50) with the girls and they were not impressed. I think this younger generation uses their phones for time instead of watches. Oh well, I enjoy the memories. Nice post!

Jama said...

Lovely photos!

Paula Scott said...

Wondering how you got such a great image of koi. Good job! And what an entertaining post-I especially love that kollar!

lotusleaf said...

The Koi are beautiful! Very interesting 'k' words from you!

magiceye said...

Beautiful takes on the theme!

Shooting Parrots said...

Love the Jocular Jay!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

It is a trick to find the right photo ~ but you found several wonderful examples of K ~ (A Creative Harbor)

thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

Ali Crehan said...

I love your Ks! Wonderful post with wonderful photos. :)

Joy said...

Nice twist on K. Love that pressure gauge dog.

Dave said...

I liked the dog with the pressure gauge eyes Sue. The photo of the fish was nice and clear - Dave

Mar said...

Love your K words, even the kitschy dog , lol.
Happy week ahead.

Kate said...

Another great collection for this week's meme! You always find wonderful variety. Kate, ABC Team

Ann said...

I think the kooky kitsch in the dog is kool. I need an archive of photos to fall back on too. Great examples of K

Lynette Killam said...

Love your K words, and would happily ensconce that wonderful dog in my living room!

And I very much enjoyed your comments about kindness in my post...:)

ChrisJ said...

I was thinking the same as Reader Wil. K words are easier to find German or other European languages. You did a great job with your words.

Laloofah said...

You have some great K's! Very creative!
The dog is great - but with all those timepieces, I can't help but wonder if she's a Klepto. And wouldn't it be interesting if we all had pressure gauges for eyes? That way, people could tell if it's a good time to ask us for a favor, say, or if we're under too much pressure. :-)

That's a gorgeous photo of the Koi! They're beautiful (and curious about you and your camera, apparently), and their water is so Krystal Klear! (It's just too tempting to turn hard C's into K's for this, isn't it.) :-)

EG CameraGirl said...

Kool post. Krazy kitsch!

Merisi said...

Such fun, Sue, thank you!

I have not yet figured out how to get down again a single one of the thousands of pictures that I have on Picasa.

LC said...

Wonderfully Krazy and I really appreciated the closeup of the dog's collar. Good job!