Friday, August 05, 2011


Wishin' everyone a wonderful weekend.

Wishin' I was by this cool rushing stream.


Just Wishin'.

Enlarging the picture will make you feel refreshed too.

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Merisi Vienna said...

A beautiful place, indeed!
I hope you a wonderful weekend,
with the one or other unexpected beautiful surprise,

Ginny said...

Lovely blue water, does look more refreshing when enlarged! Hope you have a great weekend!

jel said...

AWESome shot!!!!!

hope ya have a very cool weekend

LC said...

ummmm, yes!

Sandra said...

enlarging the photo made me wish I were there tooooo
happy to hear you are a thrift store person also. I am all about recycling and saving money

Shammickite said...

Latest news flash: Twins have arrived.... doubled my grandchild count in one fell swoop! WOOHOO!!!!! I'm a happy Nana.

Sandra said...

i think squirrels eat every thing, but not that many grapes at one time. yours is just like ours, every where there was a flower or bud, there is nothing but a stem left. we think it is ants. check for ants. we have 3 new buds today on the passion and all 3 buds are black with ants. bob sprayed for ants

Hilary said...

I'd be wishing I could join you too. Lovely.

Jane Doe said...