Sunday, March 15, 2015


I went out in our backyard on Saturday.

The weather was so nice and there were splashes of Spring all around.

Our Wisteria is blooming despite of our neglect and drought conditions.

The grapes are beginning to go from "dead wood" to showing some green.

Our peach tree is so Pretty in Pink.

Unfortunately, the little pear tree hasn't got much action yet.

I do love the view from our patio.

Yesterday  the sky was so pretty.

The clouds looked like fluffy cotton balls.

Make sure you ENLARGE the photos to see all the detail.


Kate said...

A beautiful glimpse of what is in store this season!

KC Bob said...

Love the Wisteria Sue.

Beverly said...

I do love your yard. I'm looking forward to things begin to bloom here.

Ginny said...

Your view is wonderful, and so is the sky. But it is the wisteria that has my heart.

Sandra said...

i did enlarge and everything is gorgeous. i love that photo of the wisteria. that would be pretty on a canvas hanging on the wall.. i love wisteria and have not seen it since leaving Savannah 30 years ago... your yard is perfect, what a view..

Shammickite said...

Lovely! The wisteria is such a beautiful colour. Nothing blooming here yet, still in a deep freeze, although temps are a degree or two above freezing during the day. It takes a long time for the snow to melt.