Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I thought I would post another Throw Back Thursday photo.

This is me at 5 years old.

I sure loved my dolls.  This one is Sparkle Plenty.

Every year for the past 8, I have printed a book of all of my blogposts for that year.

It's from a company called Blog2Print.

I have purposely posted some of my personal snapshots to keep them for my kids as a journal of my life.

It's fun to cruise down memory lane now and then.

Now if I can find more photos from my ancient history I will be so happy.

Boxes and scrapbooks seem to disappear into the depths of my closet

To never see the light of day again.

Wish me luck....


Sandra said...

i like the photo and wish i had access to my child hood photos. they live 10 hours away from me in my grandmothers old hope chest. my niece is the collector in the family, and when mother died we let her take the hope chest. it has years of photos in it..

Ginny said...

You and your doll are too adorable!!! You look like Shirley Temple!! I know those Blog Books are so nice...

Hilary said...

You could have rivaled Shirley Temple.. but of course she was waaaay before your time.

Ha.. I just glanced over and saw Ginny's comment. :)

Ann said...

Very cute photo, aren't you glad your parents took it!!!! I love Blog2Print!!

Beverly said...


Wanda said...

Blog 2 Print is a great way to save your memories. I've only printed on..My cancer journey in 2009. I need to re`think again.