Thursday, March 14, 2013


Even though we have flowering fruit trees right now in our yard,
I thought I would show you something else that has appeared on
the old dead wood.

There are fascinating lichen and fungus showing their colors.

Be sure to ENLARGE these to see the detail.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Mine is jammed pack, so it may be a while before I can check out

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Kate said...

Like the bottom photo especially because of the different forms and colors.

Ginny said...

They look like little flowers and shells, don't they? Amazing up close.

Sandra said...

the second one looks like it has a hat and a dress in it.. they are really unigue and different. great shots. and i am now saying out loud
fungsamungus out loud to savor it... LOL make it into one word and ha ha ha

Hilary said...

I thought exactly what Sandra said. That one on the bottom left looks like an Easter bonnet removed and laid at the waters edge. The rest look like lovely little flowers and foliage. Just beautiful, Sue.

Dave said...

Fungus can be fascinating huh Sue. Its amazing what it grows on and where it can be found - Dave

Anonymous said...

Love Fungus lOl

LC said...

I have tried capturing fungi and lichens but never achieved the success of your photos.

And your last photo has one species that looks like a woman's much beloved gardening hat. Loved it.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

great captures- fungus has so many shapes and colors- and you captured them beautifully