Monday, October 08, 2012


We have MANAGED to MAKE our way to the letter " M "for ABC Wednesday.
Again MY offerings are quite a MIXTURE of topics.
The first photo is of  MY son  MARK and his daughter.
This Summer they participated in a Fun Run called the Dirty Dash.
As you can see,
MUD was the outfit of the day.

MAKE sure you enlarge all the photos to see the detail.
I call the second shot,
This was taken at MY favorite place for MAKING  MEMORIES,
Lake Tahoe.

When we were in Kenya, Africa a few years ago we saw some of
the effects of drought.
The MAASAI herdsmen were on their way to find water for their
very skinny cattle.
They live on the MASAI  MARA.

MY photo of the umbrella shaped MUSHROOMS looks so MUCH
interesting if you MAGNIFY or enlarge it.
I took this photo at the MAIDU Community Center.
MANY thanks for looking at MY post.
MAKE sure you go to the link on MY sidebar and see what others
have posted for the letter " M ".

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Sandra said...

phooey! i thought they were covered in chocolate....mud looks like fun though and they look happy. wonderful mirror image and i like those cows

Kate said...

Another MARVELOUS MEDLEY of photos which is a MOST creative way to MARK the day for the letter "M"-- MANY photos for us so think or MUSE about. Kate, ABC Team

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, Sue... I was sure your son and granddaughter were covered in chocolate. That would have been a sweet pleasure.

Loved all your pictures, but the first one takes the cake (chocolate that is)

LC said...

Did Mark and daughter win a prize for the dirtiest dash? They look like this is a father-daughter team adventure that they will remember and laugh about together. Your mirror-image just doubles the memories you captured that day at Lake Tahoe.

The mushroom photo up close is extravagant with wonderful details of shape, line, and subtle color.

The tribesmen and their livestock just tug at my heart. This is one of your "What is the rest of the story?" photos. I hope they survived the drought, but I am afraid the rest of the story may not be so hopeful.

Dave said...

That picture of your son and his daughter covered in mud was a good one Sue. Also liked your Mirror image picture - Dave

Reader Wil said...

The photos are very well chosen as always. The second one is also fit for Weekend Reflections.
Have a great week!
Wil, ABC Team.

Roger Owen Green said...

the MUD, in particular, looks like fun!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carver said...

What a great post. I love reflections and the mud shot is great. I always enjoy your take on the letters. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Kansas Bob said...

Now that is a lot of mud!

Paula Scott said...

'Mahvelous'! A most magnificent post! Those mushrooms seem monumental!

Ann said...

That muddy run would be fun--you wouldn't notice how sweaty you were!!!!Lake Tahoe is so beautiful, love the mirror image.

Leslie: said...

Magnificent specimens, those mushrooms! Are they edible?

abcw team

Lisa said...

Once again, all wonderful photos. The first one reminded me of my daughter's mud volleyball game during "senior week." Mirror Image is stunning!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Seeing mud reminds me of my childhood as we always get into it when we are planting rice back then.

Manok... find out what it is
Rose, ABC Wednesday

Hildred and Charles said...

A great post, - your mud guys look as if they are covered in milk chocolate, - quite delectable. Loved the mushrooms magnified!

Karen Schmautz said...

Loved the pics...especially the mirror of Mt Tallac.

ChrisJ said...

A lot of lovely 'M's -- but oh! the mud! Don't think I could do that. The reflection photo is great.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, such views always enrapture me. I am greeting

jane said...

The mushroom shot is exquisite when it is enlarged and I like your Lake Tahoe shot - I too thought the mud was chocolate !! Jane UK