Thursday, October 28, 2010


What a wonderful time I had meeting fellow blogger,
Wanda of "Brushstrokes From the Heart."
I have truly found another sister.
I went from being an only child to having Beverly of "Lacoochee Kid "as my heart sister,
and now Wanda.
While we (our husbands too) were chatting
we discovered a rather remarkable thing.
We were married by the same minister !!!!
Pastor Roberts married them in Modesto almost 50 years ago
and then he moved to pastor a church in San Bruno, California
and married us January 1964.

Wanda and her Hubby were staying in a delightful little cottage down this dirt road.
It felt like a fairyland.
The best thing was it was right on the edge of Lake Tahoe.
What a view from the livingroom window.
Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of that.
I was just too busy talking.

Several blogposts ago I posted a picture of the bear fishing for Salmon in Taylor Creek.
There was just a small amount of water in the Creek
and the bear was gourging on fish.
This is the same Creek and spot where I took that picture.
The first heavy snow fall of the season in the Sierras produced a massive runoff.
No fishladder anymore.
The bear have had to move elsewhere for the time being.

The rain from that same storm has knocked many leaves from the Aspen trees
before they had a chance to show their Fall finery.
I think the Lake Tahoe area is just beautiful anyway.
What a wonderful time we had on our mini vacation.
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Sandra said...

More fun with your fellow bloggers. I would love to stay down that path in that cottage. and it always amazes me how small our big world is. that is amazing.

Wanda said...

Hey Sister Sue ~~ Wasn't our time together wonderful.

It was so nice our hubby's were enjoying talking as much as us.. and all the things we have in common.. I just think its a God Thing.

When I get home with my own computer, I will post my pictures of us that show the lake.

Love and Hugs forever

Ginny said...

Isn't it just great to meet blog friends for the first time? Beautiful pictures, and the two of you DO look like happy sisters!

Anita said...

How nice to get together with a bloggy friend! I look forward to that experience at some point.

Love the photos! So beautiful and serene; wish I were there.

Jingle said...

happy for you.

LC said...

What a treat! And that photo of the road to the cabin. . . the urge is growing to visit forests and mountains.

Levonne said...

How excellent that you found another sister! It is a small world!

Dave said...

Sounds like you and Wanda had a good time Sue - Dave

Ruth said...

Gorgeous Tahoe! I need to get there one day. I love how rustic it is.

That is so great about you meeting wonderful new friends, and married by the same minister is really something!

Kansas Bob said...

So glad that you were able to get together!

Hilary said...

How nice that you got to get together with a fellow blogger. Very cool! :)

Shammickite said...

What a nice thing to say about your fellow blogger, that she is your "sister".... what a sweetheart you are, Sue! And it certainly is a small world. I've experienced many instances of "small worldness", I should blog about them one day.

Stacey Dawn said...

It's amazing how small our world really is - congratulations on meeting a new "sister!" Beautiful images!

AphotoAday said...

Somehow I've never camped or stayed at Lake Tahoe -- great to see the photos of what I've been missing.

mrsnesbitt said...

Indeed a small world! lol!

Walt said...

Looking at your photos, ma'am, you're no wannabe. You're pretty much the real thing.

MedaM said...

You two are really beautiful ladies. It sound you all had a good time together. How nice that you met and enjoyed each others company. Photos are fantastic.