Sunday, September 17, 2006


View from the Pigeon Point Lighthouse grounds. Its so near to busy cities and yet feels so remote. Posted by Picasa


Kim said...

Ah, an untainted coastline. . .we used to drive back from memorial day weekend in the Santa Cruz mountains every year and take the 1 all the way through Pacifica, sometimes stop at one of the beaches for an hour of play. . .Love this drive at this time of year especially. When I was a kid, nearly all the California coast was this way. Beautiful shot!
PS- Re. a City Daily Photo blog, use the name of your own town (Pacifica, Moss Landing, Half Moon Bay. . .whatever it may be). SF is covered already by Manu, but there is SO MUCH in your coastal area, and it's fairly easy to post once a day. Hope you will go for it. Try Eric again.

Kate said...

Beautiful shot. Makes me want to move!! PS. Please send me your email; I have a message for you. (

Daniele Marioli said...

Simple immage...
Nice panoramic see..

Edulabbe said...

Funny. Looks like the rocks seen in "The Goonies" movie.